Smoking Cessation 

Smoking Cessation

Choosing to Quit feels Great!

It’s okay to be a quitter.  In fact, your primary care team wants to help you quit—for good!  We know that a combination of supports will greatly increase your success in quitting for the long term:

• support from your family physician
• counselling to help you reduce, or preferably stop your smoking habit
• medications that are right for you

Our PCN pharmacist will meet with you in our office to provide you with one-on-one education and resources to help you in your journey to a smoke-free lifestyle. Your discussions will help you learn about:

• Why you smoke
• What your smoking triggers are
• How to focus your reasons to be smoke-free
• Learning to replace smoking with other healthy activities
• Changing your habits to help you choose a smoke free lifestyle
• Counselling on medication treatment options that can help you quit
• Follow up visits or phone calls to provide you with the individual support you need to be successful

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