Smoking Cessation 

Smoking Cessation

Choosing to Quit feels Great!

It’s okay to be a quitter.  In fact, your primary care team wants to help you quit—for good!  We know that a combination of supports will greatly increase your success in quitting for the long term:

• support from your family physician
• counselling to help you reduce, or preferably stop your smoking habit
• medications that are right for you

Our PCN pharmacist will meet with you in our office to provide you with one-on-one education and resources to help you in your journey to a smoke-free lifestyle. Your discussions will help you learn about:

• Why you smoke
• What your smoking triggers are
• How to focus your reasons to be smoke-free
• Learning to replace smoking with other healthy activities
• Changing your habits to help you choose a smoke free lifestyle
• Counselling on medication treatment options that can help you quit
• Follow up visits or phone calls to provide you with the individual support you need to be successful

Other resources are provided at no charge, and all counselling sessions are free of charge as well.

Interested in this program?

Talk to you family physician for a referral, or complete the online form.



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