Mental Health Support 

There is a strong relationship between mental health and physical well-being. Your mental health determines your ability to cope with the normal stresses of life and how you function day to day.

The Alberta Heartland Primary Care Network offers programs and services to support your mental well-being as well as your physical health. We also improve and coordinate access to mental health services, education and support groups.

*NEW* Creating Happiness

Are you able to balance commitments and free time? Do you enjoy a good joke? Do you find pleasure in day-to-day events? We are led to believe that happiness is something that is either present or not but this is a myth. We all have the ability to impact the amount of happiness we experience. In this program we teach you the structure of happiness and help build the skills for you to generate or increase the happiness in your life. Who doesn’t want to be happier?

In the workshop we consider:

  • Setting goals & looking at solutions                  
  • Life’s simple joys
  • Healthy living                                        
  • Authentic living
  • Looking at your strengths           
  • Forgiving & letting go
  • Mindfulness                                         
  • Creativity

Format: 8 week class; each is 1.5 hours long

Interested in this program? Call 780-997-0046 or complete the online form

Stress Management

Managing stress can sometimes feel like a continual balancing act. Help effectively reduce and manage the stress in your life at this small group class which is designed to help you to become more aware of what stress is, how it affects your life and to take away some strategies and techniques that you may find helpful in managing stress in your life.

Format: Two part 2 hour group class

Interested in this program? Call 780-997-0046 or complete the online form

Psychiatry Consultation

The Alberta Heartland Primary Care Network is working with a psychiatrist to enhance mental health support available to patients. Your family physician will first refer you to our mental health support team. This team will assess your needs and ensure you are referred to the most appropriate resources.

If you are referred for a consultation with a psychiatrist for assessment, diagnosis or treatment, the psychiatrist will work with the mental health support team to develop a treatment plan. Your family physician will be involved in your ongoing treatment.

Format: Consultations with psychiatrist

Cost: Free to patients of Alberta Heartland PCN physicians

Interested in this program? Talk to your family physician.



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