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The Alberta Heartland Primary Care Network works with family physicians to treat and manage our patients’ existing health conditions. We are also focused on promoting physical and mental health and preventing disease and illness. We will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle – be active, eat right, reduce stress, quit smoking. We will also encourage you to have regular checkups with your physician and dentist. The sooner you catch any potential problems, the sooner they can be dealt with.

Workshop Schedule
If you would like to view a PDF calendar version of our programs & services schedule, please click here.

Accessing our Programs
Effective January 1st, 2013, various AHPCN programs no longer require a family physician referral. Specialty clinics like Cardiac Rehabiliation, Chronic Pain Clinic, and Senior's Clinic still require a family physician referral. Talk to your family physician to obtain a referral to these programs.

How do I schedule an appointment or register for a workshop?
By filling out the form below, the PCN will contact you directly to schedule an appointment or class. You can also call our office at 780.997.0046.

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